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Powerful Workout Tracking Tools for your Coaches and Athletes.

RhinoFit offers powerful workout tracking tools to help simplify your workout tracking for your gym, coaches, and athletes.  With our new built-in workout system, you can now view and track all of your athlete’s performances through your mobile device or live leaderboard function.  Save time programming your workouts by using one of our saved Hero WOD templates or design your own custom workout to share on your Facebook or website.

Custom Design your Workouts for any Athlete

Our workout tracking tools give you and your coaches the ability to custom build your own workout type and style. Build your workout style for AMRAP, EMOM, or For Time. With our three different mode types of Legacy, Standard, or Competitive mode,  you can easily build a workout for any type of athlete whether your member is a beginner athlete or a seasoned CrossFit veteran. You and your coaches can utilize our existing WOD library or  design your own custom workout exercises with optional warm-up or cool downs, equipment requirements, or other additional notes.

Log into your mobile app or desktop to view past WOD results, rankings, and benchmarks.

Display your workout of the day, time clock, and your athlete’s live workout results and rankings on your Leaderboard.

Use our built-in timer with start/stop option, count-down feature, and buzzer alarm for your AMRAP, EMOM, or timed workout.

RhinoFit gym management software is available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and can be utilized with multiple staff log ins. Checking into class or gym attendance with membership verification can be easily optimized with our computer and tablet based sign-in kiosk.

“RhinoFit is easy to use, user friendly and members love it. Rhino makes scheduling and accounting much easier. Managing our members through Rhino is simple and the site is very user friendly. Overall great experience so far”

Greg Carpenter, OwnerPrimalCF
“I am proud to say that CrossFit Guelph was one of the first CrossFit boxes to run with the Rhino in 2012. RhinoFit is simple, yet elegant and does absolutely everything we need it to. With customer service that is second to none and a continuously evolving platform it is easy to wholeheartedly endorse RhinoFit.”
Michael Fall, OwnerCrossFit Guelph
“The software is easy to use. There have been constant upgraded features with an understanding to the atmosphere for which the product is used. We haven’t had any problems since refunds have become possible through the Rhinofit platform.”
Cheyenne Pietri, Co-OwnerLegend CrossFit
Spend less time managing your business and more time coaching your athletes!