RhinoFit Preferred Payment Provider

Preffered Payment Provider- Gulf Management Systems

Although Rhinofit has several payment provider options, which you can see here, Gulf Management Systems is the preferred payment provider for U.S. based gyms using RhinoFit. For Canadian gyms, you can see the payment providers here.

The Advantage of Going with Gulf Management Systems

  • Gulf Management Systems is the parent company to RhinoFit, working under the same roof as RhinoFit which means RhinoFit is able to handle all payment issues directly
  • Gulf Management Systems offers the most direct payment integration with no hassle, we do all the work!
  • Strives to offer the lowest credit card and ACH rates possible(clients average 2.3-2.5% for credit cards and a flat rate of $0.50/ACH transactions)

Still have questions?

Email us: team@rhinofit.ca