Door Access Troubleshooting

   Here are some tips for troubleshooting your 24/7 Door Access Control:

  • Door State: This is the state of your door. It will show OPEN or CLOSED. If you did not install the door strike magnet, it will always show OPEN. If you click into the door state, it will bring you the logs of the door being closed/opened.
  • Health:This is the connection to your Door Access Control unit. It will show Disconnected or Connected. If it is Connected and green, your door access is connected to the internet. If it is Disconnected, this means your door is not currently connected to the internet.
  • Unlock Request: This is called a ‘manual unlock request’. If you click on the unlock button, it will create the manual unlock request to open the door at anytime to your gym.
  • Voice Recognition: Make sure an AUX cable or an HDMI cable is plugged in correctly. Make sure that the volume on your speaker is all the way up.
  • Other Solutions:Make sure you have an internet connection (open the browser and try to search for something).
  • Try unplugging the power cable and replugging it back in to power the DAC back up. This helps if your door scanner is experiencing issues with delayed barcode scanning or double-scanning barcodes. Scanning a valid barcode to see if a message comes up on the screen or not. If no messages come in, it means no internet. If a message does appear, but the door is not opening, then the wiring to your door strike has become unplugged. Inspect the connections between the power supply and door strike to make sure everything is correct and there are no loose wiring. Also, make sure the door control is plugged in.To connect to WIFI, you will need to plug the HDMI cable into a monitor/TV and select the channel that allows HDMI. Here you would need to scroll though the Rasperry PI settings to enable wireless WIFI on the door access.You can also hardwire the cable into the back of the door access control.