The dashboard provides you with the current status of your business, all on one page. If you have any bills to approve for processing, you will see an alert at the top of the page. Click on “approve these bills” to be taken to the Approve Today’s Bills page


Figure 27 – Dashboard

  1. Reservations Today– the number of new reservations that have been made today. Clicking this box will take you to a report that lists all of today’s reservations made.
  2. Active Memberships– shows the current total of active Clicking this box will take you to the Current Active Members report.
  3. of Logins Today – the total number of logins for people associated with your business (members and administrative users).
  4. New Memberships– the number of new memberships sold today
  5. Membership graph – this shows the six-month trend of member registrations
  6. RhinoFit News – here you will find messages from RhinoFit about new features, offers, and site updates.
  7. Gym Set Up Checklist– the 9-step process for setting up your business in RhinoFit. As you complete the steps, they will be crossed out, so you know just where you are in the process. To complete a step, simply click on the step to be taken to that page.
  8. Financial Statistics– here you’ll be able to see a bird’s-eye view of the financial status of your business. Clicking on the  button will take you to the detailed report for the specified line item.