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The RhinoFit member management software provides your boxing or kick boxing gym with operational tools to run smoothly and efficiently. Features are designed to make your job managing your gym and events easier, having ways to keep track of your memberships, product sales, and registrations gives you the opportunity to concentrate on training or acquiring new business. Your clients will love RhinoFit because of our easy to use mobile apps, allowing easy scheduling and payment processing. New features include fields to add win/loss records, check-in access, and product sales reports.

Membership Management

Create custom box club memberships & bill your members automatically or one time with our integrated payment processing.


Set up and embed your calendar on your website so that your members can schedule classes and individual sessions online or via the RhinoFit app.

Product Management

Build a custom product store integrated on your website, track your inventory, and sell your products online with our product management tools.

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns and run special promotions for your boxing gym to send to your potentials prospects or current boxers.

Digital Waivers

Protect your business with our online customizable e-sign waivers.  Create waivers and health forms, and capture your member’s signature digitally.

Powerful Automations

Set up automatic reservation reminders and custom automation messages to go to boxers and staff through our e-mail and SMS system.

You are not in the ring alone, our dedicated team is here to support your vision and journey of managing your boxing gym. We are available to help you navigate through our software at no charge. Let us give you the a knock-out presentation when you schedule a live demo.
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Our boxing software is available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets so you can manage your business on the go. Your customers can also schedule and pay online!

The RhinoFit member management software is only $57 per month, and is never billed by how many boxing memberships you have. We also offer free version of our system.

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“When we were in the initial stages of starting our gym, my husband started looking for gym software and he explored it all. He came across RhinoFit, and was sold right away. It has everything that we were looking for. It helps us on the fitness side with tracking workouts, but more importantly for me (the financial partner) it helps me keep track of everyone and all the “payments”. As prepared as I thought I was, RhinoFit picked up the slack on what I had missed. Their customer support is amazing and is always able to answer all my questions. I am extremely happy with RhinoFit and what it helps me accomplish!”
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Spend less time managing your boxing gym and more time with your fighters