RhinoFit Gym Management Software

RhinoFit was created in 2012 as a CrossFit gym management software. Since then, RhinoFit has grown to be an industry leader and favorite software for gyms, dojos, clubs, and fitness studios alike. We are known for providing top notch customer service and support, and quality features at a reasonable price. All of our staff understand that no two businesses are the same and will work with you to get your business fit with our system. Our goal is to help you effectively manage your business through the RhinoFit software, growing both your customer base and profits.


John Toston, Business Development

John manages our strategic partnerships and product development. Additionally, John provides on-boarding support for new clients and customer support for existing clients. John is a strength and conditioning specialist and has applied that expertise competently to his roles at RhinoFit.

Kurt T Schneider, IT Director

Kurt maintains the servers, performs code review, releases new production versions, and is RhinoFit’s project manager.

Patrick Mazzocco, Product Specialist

Pat has expertise in many pertinent fields, and he uses his expertise in gym management to showcase how the RhinoFit system can benefit your unique operations (See Pat’s credentials).

Nancy McCoy, Tech Support

Nancy provides technical support for RhinoFit customers and is typically the first point of contact for inbound support requests and initial orientations.

Harris Scoggins, Tech Support

Harris provides technical support for RhinoFit customers and is the best resource for software and integration questions. Additionally, Harris is a fishing enthusiast – check out that 40 inch red!

Michael Bence, Database and Software Specialist

Michael maintains the databases and code base of, and develops updates to, RhinoFit.