RhinoFit 24/7 Gym Access Control

Benefits of RhinoFit 24/7 Access

Easy Access Gym Control

Adding the RhinoFit 24 Hour Gym Access Control  can increase your gym’s revenue and enhance member relations without adding a large overhead cost or more staff.  Our 24/7 door access system is an automated and secure solution that is integrated between door access hardware and our powerful “Access Tracking” feature within the RhinoFit gym management software. 

Integrated with Your Active Membership Database


Grant access to your up to date paid members and staff through key tags or the RhinoFit software.  The Access Tracking feature inside of your account keeps an active log of all member entries. Barcodes can easily be implemented into your check-in process through the current RhinoFit software. Key tags are a cost-effective way grant access for check-in or the 24-hour access kiosk.  Key tags are fitted with unique barcodes and may be customized with your gym’s logo. Barcodes can also be generated for your clients and staff automatically inside of the RhinoFit mobile app.

How does the 24 Hour Gym Access Control Work?

The RhinoFit Door Access Control communicates with the RhinoFit Database regularly to sustain connectivity and immediately upon a scan event. The DAC will only send an open command once a user is validated for entry, or the database pushes a door open event per a user request. The open command triggers the door lock to disengage for the set duration, thus allowing entry. 

The RhinoFit Gym Access Control comes assembled with a 12V1A power supply – it can be modified by using a different door strike that would work on a 12V1A. Therefore, pre-existing installations may be supported. The attached scanner can be a USB output Keyboard Wedge. Any make or model seems to accomplish the same goal, and assuming it produces the keyboard output other forms of readers (like an RFID chip) would work as well.