RhinoFit Door Access Control System

24/7 Access To Your Gym


Allow 24/7 Access To Your Gym
Keep your gym open 24 hours a day with the door access control system. Many people can’t make it to the gym during regular business hours. Allowing 24 hour access is a great way to reclaim this missing revenue. The Door Access Control System is a great way to boost your member experience, without adding more staff.

Allow Access To Current Members Only
The RhinoFit door access control system is tied to your member database. Once someone scans their barcode, the system quickly looks up that member in the database. The system then checks to see if they have a membership, and if it’s paid up to date. Access is only granted to current members.

Voice Greeting Feature
Our new voice greeting feature is the perfect accessory for the Door Access Control System. It provides the gym owner with the ability to create personalized messages for members as they scan their key tag to gain entry.

Track Member Access
The Access Tracking feature logs all members who enter the gym using their key tag. At a glance, know how many people are in your gym at any given time. Track periods of high volume and reach out to members who are coming to the gym less often.

Allow Entry From Anywhere
Staff members forget their keys once in a while. Imagine not having to drive down to the gym to let them inside. Grant entry from anywhere with the door access control system. Log into the RhinoFit mobile app or desktop software to open your front door.

Feel Free To Leave The Gym Unattended
There’s no need to close the gym when you can’t be there. Unexpected time away no longer eats up your profits. The door access control system will allow your paid members to enter the gym until you return.

How It Works

Key Tags & Barcodes
Grant access to paid members and staff using key tags and the RhinoFit software. Key tags are fitted with barcodes and can be fitted with your gym’s logo. Barcodes can also be made and stored inside the RhinoFit mobile app. In the event you leave your key tag at home, you can use your mobile phone to scan into the gym.

Scanning A Barcode
Once at the gym, a member scans their key tag or the barcode on their mobile phone. This scan then triggers a member lookup in the RhinoFit software. The software first checks for a valid membership, then looks to see if it’s paid up to date. Once verified, the software sends a signal to open the door. Members with expired or lapsed memberships will be denied entry.

System Components

Door Access Control (DAC)
The RhinoFit Door Access Control is a pre-assembled unit. It’s been factory tested and arrives ready to install. It has a 12V 1A power supply that can be modified to work with other door strikes. Pre-existing installations and hardware might be supported.

Visual Scanner
RhinoFit provides a visual scanner with the Door Access Control System. The scanner is responsible for reading the key tag or barcode. It is a USB device and plugs directly into a port on the Door Access Control.

Door Strike*
The door strike is responsible for keeping the door locked until a member scans their key tag. It is connected to the Door Access Control unit. It remains in the locked position until it receives a signal from the Door Access Control unit.

* Each gym has a different style door lock. For this reason we do not include a door strike with the Door Access Control system. Door strikes must be purchased separately.

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Before RhinoFit, we were 100% on paper. Slow turn around times getting people set up. Everything was via check or cash. Now we are 100% online. Set up with a process that as soon as the account is created, the person gets a barcode to use the gym right away. No more waiting AND we have complete freedom to leave town!

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Dane and Sara SutherlandAurora Fitness Center
We chose the RhinoFit software because of it’s flexibility. It lets you use your cell phone for entry into the gym. Customers really like the app feature to enter the building and ease of use.

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Dennis Picklesimer Big Curve Fitness
RhinoFit is freaking awesome! I saved a bunch of money switching. You guys have been great with service. We’re really benefitting from RhinoFit’s Door Access Control System. Insurgent is now able to allow members more schedule flexibility. We are also saving money on staff hours.

Full Testimonial

Morgan BaggsInsurgent Fitness

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