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The Rhinofit martial arts management software provides the operational tools to help run your business smoothly and efficiently. RhinoFit is built for all types of martial arts, including MMA, Karate, Jujitsu, Taekwondo, as well as traditional gyms

Membership Management

Create custom dojo memberships & bill your members automatically or one time with our integrated payment processing.


Set up and embed your calendar on your website so that your members can schedule classes and individual sessions online or via the RhinoFit app.

Product Management

Build a custom product store integrated on your website, track your inventory, and sell your products online with our product management tools.

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns and run special promotions for your dojo to send to your potentials prospects or current gym members.

Digital Waivers

Protect your business with our customizable e-sign waivers. Create waivers and other health forms & capture your member’s signature with a simple mouse grab or finger touch.

Powerful Automations

Set up automatic reservation reminders and custom automation messages to go to students and staff through our e-mail and SMS system.

Our new belt tracking and progressions feature is a customizable, allowing RhinoFit to meet the needs of your specific dojo or fighting gym. This feature can be manipulated to create subcategories of a ranking or belt, distinguish test timing, create digital shadow boxes, and alert you when testing time is due.
RhinoFit martial arts management software is available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and can be utilized with multiple staff log ins. Checking into class or gym attendance with membership verification can be easily optimized with our computer and tablet based sign-in kiosk.
“We’re a school of traditional Japanese karate in Alexandria, VA and had used a big name software for five years before switching to RhinoFit in January 2017. We left our old software because for two reasons. First, their monthly software and app fees (exclusive of credit card processing fees) to us increased from $100 to $400, yet in five years they did nothing to enhance the software features for martial arts clients. Second, it was extremely difficult to navigate, even experienced clients (like us) must call technical support weekly to receive guidance on how to utilize the software. Although through September 2016, waiting times for tech support were no longer than 12 or 15 minutes, thereafter, waiting times increased to between 30 and 90 minutes. Of course, we couldn’t run our business under such conditions. So, we did a lot of research and concluded that RhinoFit would be best for us. After several weeks our conclusions are: (1) RhinoFit offers the powerful reporting capacity that we required, as well as WOD and other features that make running a martial arts business easier. (2) The transition to RhinoFit has been easy. We paid a $75 fee for them to upload spreadsheets that we downloaded from our previous software. We had to manually input our students’ contracts and payment data, but RhinoFit does not lose points on this because we have found no software vendor that offers this service. (3) Our monthly fees to RhinoFit are less than 10 percent of what we used to pay (4) Best of all, in these first weeks of using RhinoFit, there have been plenty of times when we didn’t know how to use the software. After five years with our old software, our natural inclination was to call tech support. However, we have found that we are able to figure out how to use RhinoFit on our own because its software is intuitive! (5) When we can’t figure things out on our own and need to call RhinoFit, they pick up the phone after two or three rings between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST. No more waiting for a half hour, an hour or longer. In sum, in terms of ease of use, features and cost, we find it extremely hard to imagine any martial arts school choosing another software over RhinoFit. It’s truly a no-brainer. Best of luck!”
Richard Romero, Master Instructor & FounderSeichou Karate
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